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Swimming Pool Covers, Blanket & Protectors

Our solar pool covers have one primary purpose: to keep your pool water warmer so you can extend your swimming season. They do this by making the very most of the sun’s heat and creating an insulating barrier between the surface of your pool water and the surrounding air. Constructed from tough stabilised resins, our solar covers feature thousands of tiny air pockets all over their surface, creating an appearance reminiscent of bubble wrap. These air pockets serve as excellent insulators, preventing heat from escaping from your swimming pool. At the same time, the air bubbles also promote heat transference, taking the heat from the sun and using it to raise the temperature of the pool water.

For more effective heating, we would recommend using one of our solar covers with our range of pool heaters. In addition to generating some heat during the day, the solar cover helps to retain the heat from the sun and the heat generated by the pool heater during the cooler night hours. By preserving the generated heat, a solar cover saves you money. Our solar pool covers in Perth are perfect for heat retention and transference, and they are also very durable. See our selection of pool covers today or contact us direct should you need any assistance..

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Daisy Winterkleen Leaf Pool Cover

Daisy Thermotech Insulation Cover

Sunline Above Ground Roller Cover

Sunline Black Cast Aluminium Above Ground Roller

Sunline Deluxe Stainless Steel Above Ground Roller

Sunline Australia AQUAVENT ™ Pool Blanket

Elite Thermal Shield

EliteAutomated Slat/Rigid Pool Covers

Elite Debris & Security Mesh Pool Covers

Elite Pool Cord System™

Elite Standard Roller™

Elite Deluxe Mobile Easy Roller™

Elite Platinum Easy Roller™

Elite Elegance Easy Roller™

Elite Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket

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