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Gas Heating For Your Spa

Written by Southsidepool / Posted on 30 June 2020


Gas heaters are one of the efficient and economical ways of heat your spa. These heaters are simple and easy to install, they heat up a spa faster than electric heaters do, and offer a ton of other incredible benefits. So many of our clients swear by a gas spa heaters and we at Southside Pool Services stock a complete range of gas spa heaters for many types of spas.

Now let’s explore a few more details about gas heating and how these are ideal for your spa heating requirements.


Is Gas Heating Ideal For A Spa?

Most gas spa heaters are powered either by natural gas or propane. These are ideal for both in-ground spas as well as the portable ones installed outside the cabinet. A licenced gas fitter is required to connect the gas line to the heater for a constant fuel supply ignited by spark ignition. This makes the heater ideal during the colder months. Gas heaters heat up the water faster than electric heaters do. The quality, along with high efficiency and lowered operational costs, make these heaters the choice option amongst spa owners.


Gas vs. Electric Spa Heaters

Gas spa heaters are the popular choice today. These are more convenient than electric heaters, easy to maintain, and operate much faster. The purchasing cost maybe more, but operational and maintenance costs are much less. Plus, there’s year-round heating, even in freezing temperatures.

Electric spa heaters on the other hand, have a low initial cost, are extremely reliable, and also versatile. These offer consistent heating regardless of the temperature. But as the heaters installed on many spas is small they have high operational costs and prolonged heating time takes away their charm.

Both alternatives have their pros and cons, choosing the best entirely depends on your individual preferences. Gas heaters however, may be a smarter and efficient investment for your spa heating needs.


Our Range Of Gas Spa Heaters

With more than 45 years of combined experience, the team at Southside Pool Services specializes in a variety of pool and spa related equipment and accessories. All our products are known for their quality and performance. 

Amongst our popular ranges are the Astral Pool HX and JX models which are gas heaters designed specifically for spas. These have a sophisticated and compact design along with providing heat on demand, digital thermostat control, and electronic spark ignition.

Southside Pool stocks the complete range of Astral Pool gas heaters for spas. Contact us today to get more information.  


Ready To Buy? We’re Here To Help You Get Started!

Gas spa heaters are an excellent choice since these are able to achieve the desired temperature much quicker. Plus, they wont blow a hole in your pocket and are easy to install and maintain. 

If you’re ready to buy your very own spa heater, the pool and spa specialists at Southside Pool Services can help you choose the right one!

We always urge buyers to speak to professionals before investing in a new gas spa heater. Experts better understand your requirements and suggest you the most suitable solution.

For more information on spa and pool related products and services, get in touch with us. Contact us today here and we’ll get back to you shortly. You can also call us at our Southern River office on (08) 9490 9000 or Canning Vale office on (08) 9455 2770 to get the quick quote. 

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