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The Benefits of Having a Pool Cover

Written by Southsidepool / Posted on 10 May 2019


Do you have a pool but don’t have a pool cover? If this is you then it’s time you consider installing a pool cover to your pool. There are a variety of pool covering solutions to choose for your swimming pool but the popular solar pool cover is the cover of choice. Solar pool covers are perfect solutions that will help you cut down the energy use and the cost, save you time and reduce evaporation. So if you’re contemplating whether you should buy a cover for your pool or not, here are 5 reasons that will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Slows down or stop evaporation

If your swimming pool is losing water, evaporation is more than likely the reason for it. Evaporation can cost you a fortune in water bills. As Australian’s we all know how costly water is and conserving water and not wasting it is top priority! Use a solar pool cover and stop the evaporation process from happening to your pool.

Cuts down on chemical use

Are you adding too many chemicals to your pool? Too many chemicals can cause problems and not just with the pool but with swimmers too, like red eyes, rashes, skin irritations, asthma, sneezing and bleaching fingernails and others. If your experiencing some of these then yes, the pool’s chemicals may be the reason. With a pool cover, you can reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by 35% to 60%.

Keeps out debris

Pool cleaning can be a very time-consuming task. You’ll have to use the pool cleaner and the other tools to remove the debris, leaves and other particles from your pool. A pool cover is a great way to reduce the amount of rubbish entering the pool. With a durable pool cover, you can keep your pool cleaner for longer therefor more time spent in the pool than working on it.

Less maintenance

When it comes to maintaining the swimming pool, everyone wants minimal maintenance. Doesn’t matter whether you forget pulling leaves out of the pool vacuum or scrubbing the pool floor, a cover can make your pool’s whole maintenance schedule a whole lot easier.

Saves your money and energy

Depending on your swimming pool equipment and setup, it may be costing you more than you know with wasted energy?  However, you can reduce this cost and energy with a pool cover. Buying a cover for the pool is a smarter financial choice as it can lower your pool’s heating bills, eliminates the need for more chemicals and more.

Keeps your pool water warm

Everyone wants warmer water in their pools. Having this means you may get longer swimming seasons. If this interests you then you need a solar pool cover.  Not only will this extend your swimming season it will also save your electricity bills.

As you can see, it’s very clear how much a solar pool cover can benefit your swimming pool and make it easier for the pool owner. If you are planning to buy a pool cover contact us today. We supply all the different types of pool covers available including Elite Bubble Solar Cover, Elite Fully Automatic Rigid Pool Cover, Elite Fully Automatic& Flexible Swimming Pool Safety Covers and Best Elite Pool Protector Cover.


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