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Elite Exclusive Super Bubble Solar Blankets

Elite Solar Bubble Colours

There are a number of ”run of the mill” bubble type blankets on the market. Most of them perform the same as each other i.e. heat the same/as they are the same pale colours. These “run of the mill” blankets keep the heat in your pool the same, as they all have similar small bubble size, i.e. the same “ok” insulating properties and they will last about the same as each other i.e., as they are the same thickness i.e., 500, 400, 300 micron etc. Elite Super Bubble Ultra Heat Deep Colour Blankets are proven to heat better than standard pool blankets i.e., darker colours heat better than lighter colours giving you a warmer pool and a longer swimming season* Elite’s Super Bubble Blanket is the best insulating blanket available due to its superb insulating larger higher bubble size. This gives you a longer swimming season, plus, if your pool is heated you get great energy savings. Elite Super Bubble Salt Safe/Chlorine Safe 550 Micron Blanket will out-last other blankets due to its thickness and bubble design.

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